Team J-Mac vs Team D-Mac

Team J-Mac vs Team D-Mac
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Twin brothers and NFL defensive backs, Jason & Devin McCourty have partnered with Embrace Kids Foundation and launched a campaign against sickle cell disease. The campaign, entitled “Tackle Sickle Cell” aims to educate the public, increase blood donors and raise money & awareness for the fight against sickle cell disease.

On Sunday, June 9th, the McCourty Twins are hosting a 5K Run/Walk in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ as the major fundraising component of the TSC Campaign. Jason & Devin McCourty will be joined on this day by fellow members of the NFL & former Rutgers football teammates. Rutgers Football Head Coach Kyle Flood will be the “Official Race Starter.”

The twins have been competing against each other their whole lives, so they have taken this opportunity to combine their charitable efforts with their competitive spirit. They have each set up their own fund raising team for the 5K to see which brother can raise more money for the Tackle Sickle Cell Campaign…Team J-Mac vs Team D-Mac!

So what’s at stake? The winner will be the brother whose 5K Team raises more money…The loser has agreed to fly to the other’s home football city (New England or Tennessee) and make a public appearance dressed up as the team mascot! So if Jason loses he’ll have fly to New England and dress up as Pat Patriot, the Patriots mascot. If Devin loses, he’ll fly to Tennessee and dress up as T-Rac, the Titans mascot.

How can you get involved? Visit then on the home page choose between Join #TeamJ-Mac” or “Join #TeamD-Mac.” Once there, you can either join the team as an active event participant or if you are unable to attend on June 9th you can simply donate to support your favorite McCourty and help ensure they win the bet…or more importantly, don’t LOSE the bet!

Special thanks to both the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots for supporting the twins in their efforts to Tackle Sickle Cell.